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EOS massage chairs combine value, high-end features, fine-grained controls and advanced massage technologies for regular therapeutic and recreational use.
EOS Massage Chairs Canada

eos 605 massage chairs canada

EOS 605 Zero G

The EOS 605 massage chair is the newest chair available from EOS. In addition to providing all of the features of the 601, the 605 offers 2 True Zero Gravity positions, quad roller head massage system, 48 airbag massagers, auto leg scan and so much more.

eos 701 massage chairs canada

EOS 701 Zero G

The EOS 701 is the top in the EOS line. The 701 features 3D massage technology, a zero gravity position, 51 air chambers, iPod & mp3 connectivity as well as the ability for outer shoulder massage.

Massage Benefits

Innovo International Inc. offers a wide range of the best wellness technologies that exist around the world.

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