At Innovo, we love what we do. And we want you to love it too.

Innovo Int’l is a growing company dedicated to sourcing wellness technologies from around the world that help to better people’s lives and bring them to the Canadian retail market. Each supplier that we work with is researched prior to deciding to partner with them to ensure we only provide the highest quality products available for distribution. Our products, our passion for wellness, our dedication to continuous improvement, and commitment to extensive Research and Development sets Innovo apart. However, the heart of Innovo – the ultimate reason that we exist – is not merely to sell products, but to make a difference in the lives of people. It is ethical sourcing; it is providing incredible customer experiences; it is being part of a dynamic team that cares for one another; and it is providing solutions that help better lives.


We are seeking authentic, passionate, and actively engaging individuals to work as a part of our team. Your primary objective is to enrich the lives of the end user of our wellness products. You will be an educator, a research analyst, an investigator, an exceptional listener, passionate about helping people discover ideas and tools that are a good fit for their unique needs.

To support you in this role, Innovo constantly strives to find the best wellness products and ideas from around the world, and to make them as easy to use and affordable as possible. More importantly, we appreciate and encourage initiative. We want independent decision makers who are creative in providing incredible customer experiences. A good degree of self awareness is critical along with a desire for constant self improvement. We expect and welcome mistakes from action and require everyone to provide and accept feedback. The big thing is not that we fail but that we get back up.

We are passionate about learning and research and are committed to working with our partners in Japan, China, Europa and the US to continually improve the products we offer. Every product has been scrutinized and chosen because we believe they offer something in the way of improving the lives of their users. While there are many aspects of wellness that are hard to quantify in numbers, wherever possible we base everything we say and do on evidence. Neither passion nor knowledge can be faked.

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